OpioId Awareness

Educational Videos

Impact of Addiction Stigma – Opioid Talk Live w/ Matthew Stefanko, Director of National Stigma Initiative for Shatterproof

Hope After Recovery by Ashley Shaw, Director of Creating Opportunities for Recovery Employment in the Division of Addiction Sciences in Family Medicine at Marshall Health

Opioid & Drug Awareness for the Construction Industry by Senator Kane

Why is the Construction Opioid Awareness Week Important to the KCA? w/ Jon O’Brien, KCA

Pain Management or Addiction: How do you know when opioids become a problem?- Opioid Talk Live w/ Aaron Weiner  a licensed, board-certified psychologist and master addiction counselor

What do I do if I think someone is struggling with opioid use? – Opioid Talk Live w/ Rachael Cooper, Senior Program Manager and Opioid SME at the National Safety Council

Opioid Talk Live w/ Carl Heinlein, Senior Safety Consultant for American Contractors Insurance Group

Opioid Hazards & Awareness Resources w/ Chris Rodman, Opioid Projects Coordinator at CPWR–The Center for Construction Research and Training

Handling Drug & Alcohol Use from the Front Line – Opioid Talk Live w/ Tom Scott, Director of Safety for the McClure Company

The Importance of Properly Disposing of Unused Medication – Opioid Talk Live w/ Don Tracy, Director of Safety for Quandel

Stigma with Opioid Addiction: Celebrating lost loved ones and mapping help resources- Opioid Talk Live w/ Jeremiah Lindemann one of NSC’s Survivor Advocates

More Than a Substance: Measuring All of Recovery and Wellbeing- Opioid Talk Live w/ David Whitesock, Founder of Commonly Well

Culture of CARE- Opioid Talk Live w/ Mandi Kime, Director of Safety at AGC Washington

Experience, Strength and Hope- Opioid Talk Live w/ Tom Gunning Director of Labor Relations for NorthEast Millwright Association

Opioid Talk Live w/ Darren Rech, Safety Director for Alexander Building Construction Company

Opioid Talk Live by Cal Beyer CWP, VP of Workforce Risk and Worker Wellbeing for CSDZ

Pain Killers Kill More Than Pain – Opioid Talk Live w/ Avi Israel, President and Founder of Save the Michaels of the World, Inc.

TBA- Opioid Talk Live w/ Denny Buck Safety Consultant at Buck & Associates

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