Legal Defense Fund

Legal Defense Fund

Join Us, Defend Your Rights

The LDF supports NUCA PA’s critical legal activities to protect the interests of all contractors. The LDF is used to invest in precedent-setting litigation to establish contractors’ rights.

Since its inception, NUCA PA has led the fight for contractor rights through legislation. Sometimes we need to do more, so the LDF allows NUCA PA to fight for contractors in the courts.

Legal Issues Addressed

  • Engineer and Authorities exacting “double retainage” by writing provisions holding up payment for up to a year beyond performance.
  • The writing of illegal specifications putting the total responsibility and cost for the relocating of utilities on contractors, despite the One-Call Act.
  • The need for more equitable provisions in the Pennsylvania Procurement Code (General Conditions) to favor contractors.
  • The attempts by Labor and Industry to require that Plumbers and Pipefitters, as opposed to pipelayers install lateral connections.
  • The failure of engineers to give a punchlist with specific values or declare substantial completion.
  • The disregard of One-Call marking of the utilities.
  • Requiring compensation by the Authorities for hidden and unforeseen site conditions.
  • The abuse by Engineers in not compensating for changes in the work.
  • Efforts by DEP to penalize and fine contractors even through they follow the approved sedimentation and erosion plan.
  • Prevailing Wage issues
  • PUC Petition to clarify the locating of service laterals by all facility owners

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